Tuesday, August 05, 2008

upcoming information !!!!

I loved to spread useful information (sometimes my friends say it is useless) around. So I know you havw waited patiencely for this....

October 24th ----- High School Musical 3 opens in theatres.

November 11th ----Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince opens in theatres.

A wonderful fall is in the making!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

God's amazing works

I find it interesting what happens when you open your heart and mind to God and His plan. When you stop being the humans we tend to be, and just accept God's plan. I have been looking for a job for the better part of three and 1/2 years. I have applied for every position I could at the college (that is where I would realy love to work). I have not gotten any of them. When I would find out that I had not gotten the job, I would be upset and perhaps a little depressed about this. It seemed that my world was not inproving. That I could not do anything right.

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend about my upcoming plans and I discovered that it has all been God's plan. I realized that if I had gotten any of those jobs ( especially the ones that were full time) I would not have been able to attend school and get the degree I need in order to do what I want to do in life. God's plan must be for me to get this degree. I have decided that school in going to be priority for the next couple of years. I will work part time ----somewhere--- to accomplish my goal. Having realized this, the disappointments seem trival now. Sometimes hindsight is the blessing God gives us to appreciate the things we go through. With this hindsight came a added degree of peace. I already had a peace about my future but now I have a higher lever of peace mixed with some understanding and acceptance. All of this helps as I approach a time in my life when I do not have a job. But I know that God will take care of me and He will provide what I need to persue my dreams.

What a blessing!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4 weeks and counting...

It is now 4 weeks and counting. On June 30th, I turned in my resignation effective Aug13. I am quitting my job. YEA!!!!!!!

I am planning on going to school starting in late August. I have made that my priority. I will find a part time job somewhere. One that will let me go to school. I have nothing as of yet but God has been telling me that He will take care of me. Once I really accepted this, I have attained a certain peace.

Anyway. Time for me, at work, is short. I am excited about not having to be there. I have been at that job for 25 years --- a quarter of a century. Man, that is a looooong time.

The point of this post is that ---- yes, I am counting the days. 21 working days.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here's to Chris

My friend is getting married in a little over a week.

Congrats ----- CHRIS

Hope you have everything under control. I will see you on Saturday for the wedding. Give my love to Lydia.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Step one has been done . . . .

For many months, God has been telling me to follow my dreams, to make them a reality. He has also been telling me to trust Him. You know, you have seen this on TV for years--- how people got tired of their jobs and just walked out with nothing lined up to go to. Yet they made it. Well God has been telling me that I need to trust Him and He will take care of me.

Where is all this leading? I have been looking for a new job for years with no luck. Well, I decided in about November that I would take the step. I would go back to school and get my masters. I took the GRE (a test that I needed in order to get in to grad school) in February. I have been waiting the scores. My professor said I needed a score of 800 and then my essay scores. I knew the moment I finished the test that my verbal and math combined for a score of 800. I have been waiting for the essay scores. When I got home from church last night, the letter was in the mail. I got in to grad school. Yes-- I was doing the happy dance then and still am!!!!

What does this mean? Plan A was to get into grad school and somewhere around early June to turn in my resignation effective Aug 1. I plan to get a part time job that will allow me to attend college. It is too early for too many of those details. Hey, I just got the confirmation last night. BUt I have been thinking about the plan for months. Now I must take action.

One step at a time. My prayers were answered on this matter. I have to follow through with what God is telling me. Keep me in your prayers and I will keep all updated as things progress.

I'm starting GRAD SCHOOL !!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Returning to the blogging world today....

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Today I thought I would do some catching up.

My work situation has not inproved. I am still looking of a job that will take me from the "PRISON" that is currently my job. I have applied for at least ten jobs still my last post. Nothing not even an interview. But I am not going to dwell on that today. I have made the decision to return to school in the fall to start work on my masters. So I have been busy studying for the GRE.( a test that has to be taken before entrance into grad school is granted) I took this test on Monday and now I am waiting for the results. Please keeping praying that I receive the scores needed to take the next step toward my dreams.

God as been telling me for some time --- to take the step of faith and trust Him. He will provide. He will take care of me. As most humans, I perhaps resisted or maybe simply put off taking His word for awhile. But I cannot escape the future anylonger. I plan to start school in August and since the bank will not allow me to pursue my education (i am not male and am not taking courses in business or finance --- so thereforth no educational support), I will be leaving the first of August. I ask for prayers that I find the financing to aid in this step of faith.

I have been putting things into perspective. I need to take charge of my life. No one is going to do that for me (even if there was someone in my life). Taking charge means having a life outside of work where I can go to school, perhaps find that special someone, but mostly to serve a wonderful GOD that has helped me every step of the way. I feel I have wasted 25 years of my life in a job that I hate, a job that offers nothing to me but a paycheck. It is scary that at this point of my life, I may not be able to recover from the damage and lost this job has done to me.

In researching olympic heros for a devotional for a women retreat, I have read more stories of people having the courage to follow their dreams and make then a reality. I feel God wants me to get my masters so I can teach college english. It is through the courage, love and support I get from Him that I will take the journey and make this dream come true.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am celebrating today. No I have not found another job. Still praying for that. But today is my

birthday. And I have been is such a good mood. This is an almost forgotten memory because I have been down for months. But for now I party.

More later.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Prayer Request

I have had a bad week. Well maybe just a hard week. The girl I work with turned in her notice last week. This upset me, not because I would miss her. That is another story better left for another day. I will say that I tolerated her and her work habits. But her leaving means a major work load for me. There are no pobbible applicants to take the job. So for an undetermined about of time -- possibly months-- I will have to do everything in my office by myself. This means long late hours, Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those days I have class and I intend on attending that class. If I am not finished by class time, I will have to leave and then come back to finish working untill 9 or 10 oclock at night. The other reason this move upset me was because I have tried for years to get a job away from the bank. Nothing but she gets one.

The prayer request is for a job that takes me away from the long hours, the type of work I do, annd the sins I witness daily at the bank. I have sacrificed my life for that job for years, with no hope of promotion or gratification, and now I need to live my life. God has been sending me signs to follow my dreams but the job I currently have will not allow me to do this. And at this point, I am not even sure I will be able to attend Wednesday services on a regular basis.

Please pray for me about this.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

today is special

Happy Birthday Greetings to my friend

Chris Robey

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Might be a Redneck If . . . .

You Might be a Redneck If . . . .

You have ever cruised an old car up and down the main drag.

You might be a redneck if . . . you have ever set along side that main drag and watched as people drove their old cars up and down the street.

You are definiately a redneck if . . . you brought some kind of food and/or drink in a cooler to watch the cars go by.

Last weekend was the 18 Annual Summer's Last Blast in Vernon. This event is where classic cars cruise our main drag for several hours. It has become a grand event with a concert on Friday along with several car shows. This year one of the hardware stores had the 1St annual redneck car show. This was for the cars that were not good enough for the regular car show. One truck had flashlights tapes to the front bumper as headlights. Basically, Vernon becomes consumed with classic cars for three days. Then it is all over until the nest year.

This event got started because someone thought it would be a good idea to celebrate an ageless and timeless local activity. Kids in Vernon had been cruise the drag since the early 70's (ever since I have lived in Vernon --- maybe longer). Mom needs three things from the store and the child agrees to go get them, knowing they can make two passes on the street before and then again after the market. It has always been the cool thing to do at night. Now it has become an entire weekend party.

Yes. I went to watch the cars make the drag. But no I did not take my cooler of food. Others did. As I was sitting at the church to watch the event, I was reminded about the time we had a hostage situation at one of our local motels along the highway. People were sitting in lawnchairs along the grass beside the highway watching the stalemate, just waiting for something to happen. SO

You Might Be a Redneck if . . . you have ever . . . You fill inthe blank here._________.

One final note, while watching the cruise I did see a car like the one I drove in High School. That is what alot of people do is look for a memory of their past. it was fun and so what if I am a redneck.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor . . .

Love Thy Neighbor . . . .

This week has been about loving thy neighbor. It is Mission Vernon. Now you might be thinking, “The Bible says go into all the world”. . . . But is not the second greatest command “love your neighbor as yourself”? This is what we are trying to accomplish with this mission. We want our young people to grow up to all be missionaries in whatever country, state, or city they live in. We want them to love mission work not just mission trips.
I work with the youth of our church. It has been a wonderful experience teaching, encouraging, and loving those children. I feel I have been called to work with that ministry. I enjoy being apart of their lives. It is very rewarding. (Rewards are not the goal but are nice when you see the results of the work you have put in.)
My reward came this week. The youth are taking care of yards around Vernon. They are mowing the grass, trimming hedges, and carrying off trees and limbs. I have been unable to be apart of the daily work crews. I arrived home yesterday afternoon and noticed that my grass had been mowed. This is no big deal because I have a guy that mows it and I often come home to freshly cut grass. It was not until I had pulled into my backyard and noticed a dead tree was missing. I then noticed other trees had been trimmed up and the hedges had been cut back. That was when I realized that the mission crew had been to my house.
I know I am blessed by God to have the association of those kids. And love by the WSCC youth group. I know that I have made an impact in their lives (and the lives of the adults with them) because the crew came to the house and did work for me when in reality they had others places they could have been working and other things they could have been doing. My heart has been touched by this.
This mission has not gone unnoticed by the community either. This mission crew made the difference to another woman yesterday. The crew went to mow the yard of a house that was abandoned. The house next door was grown up as well. The woman in that house came out and asked them to mow hers as well. It seems her husband died in April and she had just enough money to have the yard done that month and the month of May. But she has been unable to save enough money to pay to have it mowed again. She offered to pay the youths for their time. They mowed her grass for free. I was told she had tears in her eyes from their kindness.
Love is the universal language. God does not want it any other way. For me, their show of love for me was sweeter because 1) it came from their hearts but mostly because 2) they were blessed by God with this loving desire to serve.
. . . And I am sure they will never know just how much their work meant to me, because I don't think I can find the right words to describe how I felt when I saw that tree gone and those hedges trimmed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Important Update

High School Musical 2 opens on the Disney channel in ONE MONTH.

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's raining . . .

It's raining but then again, it always seems to be raining. Today I woke to the rain. Not since I lived in East Texas, have I seen it rain like this. I must tell everyone that it has rained off and on for the better part of six to seven weeks. Vernon has always been considered slightly wetter than a desert, getting around 10-to 12 inches of rain a year. Today is July 13th and at this point (before this morning's rain) Vernon had gotten around 25 inches and there is still about five months left this year.

I am not complaining because I like to watch it rain. And the rain has kept the temperatures down and I am not having to run my ac. This morning it was 65 when I went to work as oppossed to 95+. Its great. But sometimes I think I might become a duck.

I hope it will still be raining when I get off. I would love to play in it for a few minutes. I might as well because I have to walk about a block to get to my car and I will already be wet.




It's raining . . .

Friday, July 06, 2007

Mark Your Clanedars . . . .

This week we celebrated one of the country's greatest holidays. Everyone knows about this holiday and its importance. But so many holidays go unnoticed simply because we forget to mark our calendars for them.

Here are a few that really should be on everyone's calendar. Some are silly and some are sincere but all are real.

January 13 Penguin Awareness day
January 16 Appreciate a Dragon Day
Jan 21 National hugging day
Jan 29 Bubble wrap Appreciation day (this is way cool. I can hear the popping already.)
Feb 12-18 Random Acts of kindness week
Feb 11 national Shut-in Visitiation Day
Mar 2 World day of prayer
Mar 12 National workplace Napping day
May 15 National Chocolate chip Day (celebrate by making cookies. My address is . . .)
July 7 Father- Daughter take a walk together day
July 13 Embrace your geekness day
July 15 Gummi worm day
July 15 National ice cream day ( a personal favorite)
July 27 take your houseplant for a walk day(I am off the hook here. Mine do not like to be outside)
Aug 8 Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor's porch night
Aug 10 s'mores day
Aug 22 be an angel day
Aug 28 race your mouse around the icon day
Sept 19 talk like a pirate day
Oct 26 Frankenstein Friday
Oct 30 Haunted refrigerator night ( I celebrate this at my house... there is some stuff in there that is very scary.)
Nov 30 Stay home because you're well day
Dec 15 Cat herders day (catch this somewhere. Its so funny.Hey Ever tried to herd cats.. . . . Get real)

These are just a tiny sample of the overlooked holidays. Check out http://www.brownielocks.com for hundreds more.

Hope your 4th was safe and blessed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My comment to the "Hug"

I have been reading Niki's blogs "Touch Hunger" and "What's in a Hug?". I want to add my comment. Instead of posting it as a comment to her blog, I decided to tell my story here.

One of the worst things about being alone (divorced or single) is the loneliness. The lack of human contact. Yes, the conversation but more the touch. There is no one there to give comfort when you are having a bad day at work. There is no one to give a hug just because. After many years, I still struggle with this. I am a person that needs that touch. Most days I can keep the desire at bay. But every once in awhile, I am just not strong enough to controll that wanting and every thing comes crashing down.

Case in point: In late May, a friend's son was killed in action in Iraq. It has been a hard time of grieving. But her recovery has started. Last Wednesday night was her first time back at church since this happened. I had gone to where she was sitting to speak to her and church started. First, I felt it would be rude to move to another place, so I sit with her and her husband. He, through his grief was being her support. I kept noticing that he held her hand or laid his hand on her leg or put his arm around her all the way through the class. It did not take me long to notice my feelings about this. I kept sitting there thinking that (at this point in my life) if I suffered a loss of a loved one, I would not have that someone to provide that desired compassion. The unspoken love, comfort, compassion that comes from that touch. It sadden me for the rest of the evening. I have mentioned this to several people over the years by saying that I wished I had a husband who would give me that "touching" support. Their response usually is that their husband does not do that. This saddens me because we all need the chemisty that comes from human touch.

On the brighter side of this: The one good thing about the place where I work is that I work with a woman in her mid 60's. She is the "touchy-feelly" grandmother and she loves to give hugs and to rub your back (like a mini massage). She greeted me the other day by saying "I have not touched you today." I have gotten where I look forward to her hugs and I have found I miss them if she has not "greeted" me for a few days.

So----Here's my hug for you today. It will have to do until we are together for a real one.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Time marches on

I have always heard the old saying:

Time flies when you are having fun.

But I realized on Saturday, that time has help in flying by too fast. I went into Hobby Lobby. As I entered the store, there was a big display of 4th of July stuff. No problem since the 4th is less than a month away. I must say I am used to Hobby Lobby putting out their Christmas merchandise early. Hey, it takes time to make those craft projects that are used to decorate with or those that are to be given. What did I see when I rounded the aisle? Rows and rows of fall leaves and pumpkins. All the summer stuff had been moved to a couple of aisles to make room for fall. I love fall but hey it was June 2nd and the first day of summer has not even happened yet.

Time is something that is passing quickly. And we need to enjoy it while we can. I try to live by my motto.

Life is short, Live it to the fullest. Laugh at it. Enjoy it. Value it.

I just feel that life and time go speeding by on its own time table, which is too qucikly. It seems like I just moved into my house in the last few months but it has been 14 years. It does not help that stores are making the march of time even quicker. I think I would like to enjoy summer for a short time before I move into fall (football, cool weather, and college). Ok I was dreaming about my favorite season. Lets focus on summer. Trips to the lake, vacations to fun places (disney world or Savannah, Ga), no school, staying up late, sleeping late, summer movies, picnics, homemake ice cream, baseball. I want to slow down a bit but will the marketing world let me?

I know that time marches on. I just want it to be a slower march. So what is the rest of the story? I looked at the fall leaves and decided to buy mine in September. If there are any left, then I was meant to have them. And by then all that stuff will be on clearance in order to get ready for Easter.

Friday, May 25, 2007


It's all about compassion.

On May 18,2007, Army Spec. Ryan Collins, a Vernon young man, was killed in action in Iraq. The full details of his death will be months in coming. What is known is that he delayed his leave for another soldier so that soldier could come home to be with his newborn son.That's compassion. Ryan had gone on a mission to search for missing troops and was engaged in a small arms battle. Ryan loved serving his country and his compassion was part of his life. On the home front, Ryan was the son of a friend of mine and a member of the Wilbarger Church of Christ. He had a great love for his family and especially his brother.

As I have moved through this past week (after hearing of his death), trying to handle this situation, my job began to play on my mind. Everyday, I was becoming more upset about the lack of compassion shown by my place of employment. Their lack of care, lack of concern and /or lack of compassion has been evident for years but not to this extent. I had planned to write this blog giving examples of their lack of compassion. (The truth is that no one needs to be brought down by their shortcomings -- especially me.) Today, I must admit that has changed. Last night, I prayed for the leaders of my place of employment that they find just the tiniest bit of compassion in their hearts. The bottom line is this they are afraid they might lose one dollar if they close even long enough for the funeral, which will be Tuesday May 29, 2007 at 2:00 pm. (please pray for the family of Ryan Collins--- brother Eric Collins, Mother Danita Logsdon and her husband David Logsdon.)

The mayor wanted those not attending to stand along the street with flags to show their love and support to Ryan's family. My place of employment had no plans to close and was not even going to let personnel line the streets with the others. I prayed for their compassion. This morning I came to work knowing that I cound not do anything to change the direction of their compassion. I decided not to let their lack of human emotion influence my own compassion. I have decided to show my support for my friend and her family. Compassion is what comes from the heart and is directed toward others. As a Christian, this compassion is what has helped me to heal from this tradegy and will be what will help my friend and her family to heal as well. An in her time of need, she does not need to know about the lack of compassion.

I am proud to show my love and support for Army Spec. Ryan Collins. He died doing what he loved. Fighting for his country and for the freedom this country has. He fought for what he believed in. Perhaps in my own little way, I, too, am fighting for what I believe in. Yes! It is all about the compassion. Compassion for God. Compassion for others. Compassion for me (and my believes.)

J Jesus First
O Others Second
Y yourself (myself) last

As a final note: I am planning on attending the funeral on Tuesday. The compassion in my heart guides me to be there for my friend. Thanks for the prayers on the behalf of Ryan and his family.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Celebrating life . . .

Celebrating life is wonderful.

Let me tell you about a woman I work with. The last Friday (5-11) was her birthday. She turned 55. And DID she celebrate. A little information about her is needed for this story to make sense. She is alone in the world -- no husband, no kids. Just a bunch of friends that think alot about her. In the last year or so, she has battled several health problems. She has had open heart surgery and had a pace maker put in. (she also had to deal with problems and complications from the pace maker) She is diabetic. She still does not have her strength back to normal, yet. One would think that celebrating a birthday alone and in poor health would make a person depressed. Not her.
She told us that every year on her birthday, she stays up the night before so that at 12:01 am she can pray to God with thanksgiving for seeing her into another year. Then she toast herself with sparkling cider. Thus begins the celebrating. This year was no different for her. Her offered her thanksgiving and toast. But this year, her sparkling cider was a gift from a co-worker. When she arrived at work, her boss (a wonderful guy) jumped out of a decorated box. She had mentioned she always wanted to have a man jump out of a cake. We could not find a cake, but she loved it. She even was willing to recreate her reaction for the camera when it appeared. We laughed with her all day. Does the celebrating stop there? No. In the course of the day, she received a nice check from a bank customer. Someone paid for her to spend the night at the new Holiday Express. She went out and brought a new outfit and had room service deliver breakfast in bed Saturday morning. She was so up beat and happy all day on Friday. Her joy overflowed to the rest of us (with the exception of a couple of people who tried all day to dampen her spirit --- such sour and joyless people. We wont go there. Not today.I will mention that I pray for those people to discover some happiness.)
In a world (my world is my work) where there is no sunshine, no happiness, she was able to totally enjoy herself and bring a ray of sunshine to others. She gave without knowing she did especially on a day that was all about her.
I am trying to live my life with her outlook. I am looking for ways to add extra joy in my life as well as others. All I can say about this is "you rock, girl!!!!"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Something New

I have started somethine new.

Let me start by saying that I have been in reflection for about three months (and in some areas for about three years.) This is mainly about things becoming old habit. My job, for instance, is something I totally deplore. Basically, I hate the job I do and the hours I do it. Try as I may, I have not been able to find another job, but I keep praying for something to come my way. I had a couple of days off in April where I did stuff around town, without even thinking about the job. Sunday night before I had to return to work on Monday, I cried myself through my prayers and then to sleep. For the entire next week, I was in a depressed state. Nothing seemed to be able to pull me out of the feelings I was having. I must also say that not all of it was from work. I had just closed a play production of The Elephant Man. I knew I would not see my theatre friends for several months and I was a little let down about that. Also, a real good friend of mine left to return to work in Australia for an undetermined stay. I had not gotten to see him the whole time he was back in Texas and now he was gone and there was an uncertainity about when I will ever get to see him again.

So a week pasted with me in this depressed state. This monday morning I had a few minutes before I had to be at work. I remebered several people saying they say their prayers in the morning as opposed to the evening, like I do. Why not, I thought. Monday was something different and new for me. I did not get another job but I was able to go through the day at the current job easier and without much grief. I felt God's arms around me giving me comfort and courage that day. Today is Wednesday and I have begun every day this week in prayer. Nothing major has occurred. Just a certain peace.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Todays' Realization

It occurred to me the other day that I named my blog Liz's World with the intent to tell about those things that happen in my world. Ok. I will admit that nothing much happens in my world. At least, there are times that I feel that nothing happens. Reality is that everyday that I wake up and spend time in a day that is created by God is news worthy.
Where does all this lead? What does all this mean? This means, I should blog a little more often then I do. (That and here lately Chris Robey has blogged more than I have and occassionally he lets me know this.) Now with that said -- what has been happening in Liz's World .
The local college has justed closed it's theatre production of THE ELEPHANT MAN. It was great. It involved a lot of late nights of hanging out with the cast. By the time the cast party was over, which is at my house because I cook for the cast the last night, sometime early Sunday AM, I was very tired. I always feel a little let down and tired when a show closes. I always make the statement to anyone who ask for something, "Give me a couple of weeks and I will do it." The interesing part is now it is Tuesday and three days since I last made that comment and the closing of the show. I am rested and missing the theatre and the friends I made there. I am ready to go to rehearsal again tonight, but we don't have it and won't until late August. What will I do to fill the void of not having theatre rehearsal for the summer months, of not being able to pursue my passion?
It seems something always fill that time. This year I am writing five plays for our VBS, which I will start in the next couple of days. And I have been asked to stage manage a show for a local branch of the Sweet Adelines which is scheduled for October. Thrown into this mix is the ever present and ever growing hunger to return to school. I am researching colleges in order to find a school where I can get the Masters degree I want (and need) to teach on the college level.
As I wake up to a new day, everyday, I know that God will fill that void. He will help me to fine the right college to attend. He will find ways to use my passion. Go great is our God. So even though nothing great happens in my world all the time, I can say that I have been blessed with God's greatness daily.

And who knows! Maybe the next post will be albe that greatness, that beauty. Return and see....

Friday, March 16, 2007

10 Simple steps to more Fun

10 Simple steps to more Fun

I was flipping through a magazine and this list of things caught my attention. I think I am going try give them a try --and maybe come up with some of my own.

1. Go to a movie or play you wouldn't ordinarily see -- a Latin American import, say, or something with a sports theme. Your tastes may widen in ways you never predicted.
2. Schedule a meeting at breakfast rather than lunch to break up your day in a new way.
3. Sit down and write an old-fashion letter -not an email, not a hastily jotted note -- to someone you've been meaning to get in touch with for ages.
4. Ask a friend or colleague for a book recommendation and follow it -- even if you never read mysteries.
5. Take a different route to work and stop somewhat new for your coffee and bagel.
6. Keep a dairy for a week in which you jot down every surprising thought that comes into your head.
7. Take your child off his schedule and do something fun together. And don't fret about it, either -- the soccer team will survive without him at one practice.
8. Forget lunch at your desk. Go outside and try that cute new cafe near your office.
9. Switch around your weekly chores. Shop for groceries on Tuesday instead of Saturday or do laundry on Thursday instead of Monday. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a better way of doing things.
10. Pretend you're a tourist in your own town and look with fresh eyes at a familiar landmark or scenic view.

This led me to come up with some of my own.
1. Take time to play in the rain, without worrying about getting sick or your hair.
2. Explore the world through the eyes of a dog. They see everything with curosity and wonder.
3. Watch an old "black and white" movie with the sound off (or a silent movie) and add your own words.
4. Go fly a kite.
5.Entertain a child as a child. In other words, play with a child on they level.
6. Fingerpaint.
7. Spend a rainy afternoon under the blanket tent in the living room.

As I was compiling this list, I realized a great deal of it was about being a child or interacting with a child. This brought to mind Matthew 18:3-5.

And He said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little chlidren, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."
So. Be like a child and have fun. Also, remember
Life is short. Live it to the fullest. Laugh at it, vaule it, Enjoy it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I am finally a youth . . .

I am finally a youth. . . .

Well. let me explain.
Our youth group loves to worship the Lord. They love songs that they can clap to or make hand motions to. Having been a youth sponsor for the last several years, I have become accustomed to this action as well. Camp Zenith is an awesome place to experience the youthful love of the Lord. It is great to see about five hundred teens (and sponsors) showing their love for Christ. Yet when our youth group worships on Sunday morning during service, they want to clap but are discouraged by out older members.Now I know you are asking "where is the leading?" I will tell you. A couple of weeks ago, our church hosted an area wide singing. There are several groups that come in to perform for about an hour. This is followed up with congregational singing. One of the groups that come to sing is from the black church in Wichita Falls. Let me say that that is worship and praise from not only the heart but the soul. I love how they let the Spirit move them. Anyway, one of the gentlemen from their group led us in a couple of songs. When he did "Just a little talk with Jesus", a friend of mine and I were clapping along with the beat. One of our members turned around and glared at us as if to say "you should not be doing that in the house of the Lord." At first this made me feel like I had done something wrong. Then I thought of the youth group and decided I wanted to show my praise for the wonder God that watches over me, that encourages me, that LOVES me. What happened --- I clapped even louder. God had provided an evening of great singing. God had provided me with the ability to hear this music. God had made it possible for me to be there. I wanted to praise my God --- and I did.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas memories

As I was sitting at work today, people were talking about Christmas. Christmas was really in the air this morning, mainly because the bank had its Christmas party last night and everyone was in the mood. The question came up "What one thing really lets you know that Christmas is here?"

I had to think about that. I would have said snow but hey I live in Texas and snow is rare. Unlike this year when we had several inches on the last day of November. But I digress. Some said their favorite Christmas Show. For example: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or Charlie Brown's Christmas. I like both of those. But I cannot seem to start the holidays without veiwing "The Muppets Christmas Carol". But was this really the start of the season for me.

After much thought, this is what came to mind. Santa riding down a show covered hill on an electric norelco razor. It was an old commercial that (as research told me today) was always the first commercial shown right after the Thanksgiving Day parade. I will be honest and tell you that I did not come up with that on my own. Someone else mentioned it. But it got me to thinking that I loved that commercial and miss it. It has not been shown in years. But it is a wonderful memory from my childhood.

Christmas is a time to reflect on those memories of family and friends as well as a time to creat new ones. And before I close, I want to share one of mine. Two years ago, on Christmas day, Houston and Galveston got snow. Not a dusting of snow but many inches. My relatives had not had a white Christmas in well over 50 years. Everyone was excited and someone even made a snowman on the beach.

God did an awesome job with the snow because it was one of those unbelievable yet beautiful sights that only God can create. One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to stop and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that come with the holidays and to give thanks to God for giving me those special sights, sounds and smells. I also give thanks to God for creating such special treats.

Create memories this year and praise God for those memories.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Masterpieces of Love part 2

On September 7, 2006, I was waiting details of the funeral and travel arrangements. I felt the need to write about my uncle. Two wonder pieces flowed from me. I have mentions that I feel that God wants me to use my talent and to showcase my work. So here is the second piece. If you have not read the first one, please out my post of 09-08 for The Angels called...

The Black Panther

One of my fondest memories
Was of the black panther.
Why was it a fond memory?
I broke it.

It was a gift to my grandma
Brought back from a term in the service.
My uncle has one himself
And the other he gave to her.

I was but a child
Perhaps six.
Perhaps even seven.
It sat on a table in her living room.
It was black and shiny.
it was not to be played with.
So therefore, what was I suppose to do?
I touched. I lifted. I dropped.
I broke it.

I was told it was ok.
Perhaps it was. Really.
But to me, I had let him down.
I broke it.

I thought about that black panther
Once in awhile, over the years.
How I should not have touched it.
But it was so pretty.
How disappointed he was.
He never mentioned it again.
How broken hearted I was.
But the thoughts would fade
As time marched on.

The memory returned to me
While I was visiting him several years ago.
Now I was grown
And he would soon get sick.
I did not have the heart to ask
about the other panther.
Where was it? Was it whole?
Could I have it?

So the search began for a match.
It could be smaller or bigger.
As long as it was black and shiny.
I will always treasure this memory.
It was special - perhaps only to me.
It is even more so today
Because it is what I have left.
Today, he went to meet Jesus
And a band of rowdy but specail angels.
He will be missed because he wasloved.
He is at home among the dearest of our relatives.

I salute him and his life.
The black panther sits always
Proudly displayed among beloved photos.
I have one of my own now.
A gift from someone who was disposing of it,
Her name escapes me now.
It does not matter.
Only the memory does.

Charles Hutchinson, 60
September 7, 2006

Masterpieces of Love part one

My uncle pasted away on September 7,2006, six years after a heart attack did major damage to his health and his life. We had him those extra six years and were blessed to be able to enjoy him longer then expected. He will be missed but we all know that he is with Jesus and has been restored to his previous self.

The Angels Called...

The angels called...
One day in August
Several years ago.
Or did they?
He went to where the angels lived,
But they felt his time was yet to come.
He returned to live his life,
To wait his journey.

His family was glad and amazed
For his return.
They had him back
But for how long?

The angels called...
One day in September
Some six years later.
This time he went to join them.
The angels rejoiced at his homecoming.
His family, though sadden at his leaving,
Knew he was welcomed with open hearts.

The angels were special.
Family members who traeled the journey before him.
They were standing at the gates
With arms opened wide.

The angels were there for his family left behind.
The ensured that his sick body was well again.
healed and transformed back to better days.

The angels called...
One day in September
To fulfill a promise made by Christ.
Eternal Life.
Not a time to regret
But to celebrate
What was, What is, What is to come.

One day in September
The angels called.

Charles Hutchinson, 60
Went to meet the angels Septmeber 7, 2006.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who do we admire? ---part 2

The following is a devo I wrote back in Septmeber for a Ladies Night Out. It is the second installment on Who do we admire? This is what I mentioned in part 1 when I stated God wanted me to showcase one of my many talents.

Women as Jewels
By liz gibbs

What is a jewel? Wordreference.com gives us two definitions.
1) A precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry and 2) a person who is as brilliant and precious as that piece of jewelry.

We will gain a little information about the first and gain a little insight into the second.
We begin our study of jewels with the most organized of jewels systems - the monthly birthstones.

The birthstone tradition can be traced back to the first century. The stones were used in the breastplates of Jewish High Priests. There were 12 stones in the breastplates, which symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel. Each stone was dedicated to one of the 12 months.

Exodus 28:15-19
Fashion a breastplate for making decisions -- the work of a skilled craftsman. Make it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen. It is to be square -- a span long and a span wide -- and fold double. Then mount four rows of precious stones on it. In the first row there shall be a ruby, a topaz, and a beryl; in the second row a turquoise, a sapphire, and an emerald; in the third row a jacinth, an agate, and amethyst; in the fourth row a chrysolite, an onyx, and a jasper. Mount them in gold filigree settings. There are to be twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons, of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.

It is believed that each tribe related to a month as follows:
December -- Manasseh January -- Benjamin February -- Dan March -- Asher
April -- Naphtali May -- Judah June -- Issachar July -- Zebulon
August -- Reuben September -- Simeon October -- Gad November -- Ephraim

We will focus on September since today, September 19, is the start of out time together, which is represented by the jewel sapphire and the tribe of Simeon. Simeon was the second son born to Leah. The tribe of Simeon was one of the 6 tribes charged to stand upon Mount Gerizim the Mountain of Blessing.

Each birthstone has characteristics that define those born to the month of the stone. Those characteristics of the sapphire are patience, confidence, happiness, and loyalty. It denotes stability and harmony. Estee lauder, Agatha Christie, Lily Tomlin, Grandma Moses, and Ann Bancroft were just a few women borned in September. These women were mentioned because they were famous actresses, writers and businesswomen. Which brings up a question? Remembering the second defintion of jewel, which is a person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry. Does a woman have to be famous to be a jewel? The answer can be found in Proverbs 31: 10-31.

Most of the women of the world are not famous. They are normal everyday people who work and live average lives yet every one are jewels and treasures. Every woman has the ability to be as treasured as the jewels of any crown. Her talent could be teaching the children. She could be a wonderful cook. She could be creative, giving, and/or loving. She could be a good listener. She could give of her time. She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. She works both outside the home making a living and inside the house making it a home. She is a Christian.

I would like to close with a few thoughts from a book God Called A Girl about a woman who started out just a girl of about sixteen but became a great jewel, Mary, mother of Jesus.

Mary wasn't a beauty queen like Esther or a widow like Ruth. Some would probably even say Mary was just a small-town girl. There was nothing significant about her until the moment the angel of the Lord stepped on the scene. When Mary was born there was no earthquake, no lightning bolt, no angels blaring trumpets announcing that the world would one day be changed by this simple girl. She was from Nazareth. If there was a nowhere, Nazareth was in the middle of it.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross stated that: Women are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

In closing, the book God Called A Girl also noted:
Although God called many great men of faith to incredible tasks in the pasts, there came a time when a man would not do. So .... God called a girl. And that girl changed the world. That same God is calling again, and this time He's calling you. Are you willing to step forward and answer the call?

Are you willing to be someone's jewel?

My prayer: I would like to thank you, Lord, for all the jewels in our lives and the jewels reading this. I ask for your blessings on all women that we recognize what makes us jewels. Be with us that we continue to grow in your word and in your love to become jewels to those we touch.

Hope everyone enjoys and benefits from this post.

In Him

Friday, July 07, 2006

Who do we admire?

I hesitate to say that this is a two part series, for God may say no, it should be more. We will see.

My last post was about Zenith. I knew that when I started. Several were doing an update about camp, so I did too. While I was writing that, I was praying that God would show me or tell me what to say in the next post. Several ideas have come to mind. I have chosen this one because God wants me to do my part to uplift women (especially my girl friends). Also, God wants me to present my talents. He has given them to me and I believe He wants me to share the products of those talents.

Who do we admire? Everyone has someone, maybe many. Someone in sports (I have a few here), in theatre ( I have several here), or just about town (I also have some here). It does not matter if the category is big or small, perhaps we have one or perhaps we have--- say 12. The point is we all admire someone, but who.

What got me to thinking about this was a comment a friend made. She told me that she admired me for giving up a week of my vacation to spend time at camp for our high schoolers. I did not feel I had done anything great because it was time off from work (Yea!!!)and I wanted to be at Zenith. It really did not feel like a sacrifice to me. God has given me the insight into what to respond to this comment. I want to share it.

As women, we are faced with role models who are thin, tall and glamorous --- you know the type--- super models, women on television or in print. I for one, find this to be a discouragement. For you see, I am short and heavy set ( one could even say fat). So where do I look for a role model, that woman I admire.

While attending West Texas A&M, I took a history course about women in history --not women of history. There is a big difference. Women of history are those famous women we know by their deeds or actions. For example Betsy Ross or Martha Washington. This course was about the role of women since our country was founded. It started out by saying women were brought to America solely to help with repopulation. It went to on tell about the role women played in our country as it experienced major events. Like how many women faught on the front lines of the Civil War and both World Wars. America is what we are because of the efforts of our women to survive and to attain the best conditions possible. And these women should be admired.

Anyway, we had to write a paper in this class about a living Texas woman who we could interview and collect journals and pictures from. This post is about the process I went through for this assignment. Coming from Vernon Texas and the Waggoner Ranch, I instantly decided I would interview Helen, one of the owners of the ranch. This decision was made because I knew there were several books published about her, so finding the journal information was going to be no big deal. On further instruction from my professor, it was revealed that our subject had to be at least in her 70's. Helen did not fit this category so I had to begin my search again.

After some thought and prayer, I changed my focus to someone who, first fit the requirements of the class, but mostly someone I truely wanted to get to know better. There were several women from my church that would be prefect. June was my choice.

June is a woman who is so sweet, never says a bad thing about anyone, and who is always so classy. Perhaps she was the choice because I remembered a cookout that we spent together where she was giving all of us a lesson in manners. How it was not proper to lick the plate clean all while she was licking her plate clean. I truely felt that God wanted me to do the paper on her because she is a remarkable woman and her presence in my life was what I needed. ( also my presence in her life was called for as well.)

She attended Texas Womens and became an English teacher. She married a man she met while at home from college. She left teaching to become a mom. She has lived throguh the depression and WWII. She told tales of her childhood. I learned that she is always dressed in her jewelry even on days that she is sick and in her gown and robe. (her daughter told me that.)

Why do I admire her? She grew up in the church. She raised her family as ( and converted her husband to be) Christians. Even as she had to tend to her husband in the later years of his life(which was strictened with mini strokes and failing health), her faith never wavered. She believes in the Lord with every fiber of her soul. I have learned and grown in my faith because of her. She has become a great friend. It was the right choice to make for the paper. The other lady is a great ranch icon but I knew I would never be like her because I would never have her money, her estates, or her fame. But June, I could see myself being like her. It is her walk with our Lord that I want to follow.

One final note on the jewelry,( it might seem like such a trival thing but perhaps that is what makes a difference.) There are days that I am in a bad mood or not feeling well so I dont want to bother with putting on my jewelry. Then an image appears of June in her gown and robe and earings and a necklace that cooridnates with that robe. So I go fine my stuff and yes my day becomes brighter.

Coming soon ---part 2 Women as Jewels. (yes as I mentioned at the begining, I hated to label this a two part series. I now know that it will be at least 3 parts.)

Love to all who reads this. As women, I hope this lifts you up. That is my prayer to all.
In Him

My camp Adventure

Let's roll back the hands of time. Not too far --- just about a little over a year --- to Zenith 2005.

I had been asked by our youth minister, Chris Robey, if I would like to be a counselor at camp. Always up for an adventure, I agreed and had a wonderful time. My group were the sweetiest girls and the most awesome og guys. I was able to meet many people from other counselors to youth ministers to staff. Worship was amazing. Now coming from a youth spent growing up in another church, I had only been to camp once. Zenith was a totally new experience (or as I am fond of saying --- adventure.) I won't go into details about Zenith 2005 because this post is about the here and now. There was one problem. it was not long enough to truely build and deepen the new relationships that had been started.

I left camp already making plans to be at Zenith in 2006. So much so that when my office put up the new calendar on 12-31-05, I claimed the week of Zenith as my vacation.

Ok. We are back to the current camp.

I was given a great opportunity once I arrived at camp. I had applied to be a counselor but God had other plans for me. Rather those plans were of greater benefit to others or myself does not really matter. As I told Chris on Sunday night, "This was what God wanted of me, so I was alright with being on the support staff." If God had wanted me to be counselor, I would be but God wanted me to try something new. Maybe because others needed my help or I needed the freedom.

Overall, I had more freedom. I worked at Z central and did dorm checks. I was able to be with our youth group when they ate, I was able to visit with the girls from our youth group at the close of day. I was able to go on a food run for our boys (which does not sound important to many of you but when the boys are teenager atheletes--- they are always hungry.) I was able to spend time with freinds who attend college at OC. I was able to develope the relationships that were created the previous year. Those friend like Nike, Angi, and Natalie. They are great women of faith and I enjoyed my time growing in their friendships and their walks with God. I also was able to get to know the youth ministers better. Gary was someone I got to know in 2005. he led a class I attended at camp in 2005. We got to talking (believe it or not about Chris.) Long story short. I had recently recovered from a broken foot and we had talked about this. He contacted Robey later and told him that I should not try the hike we were due to go on beacuse it was to soon. When I saw in at LTC in Tulsa in April, he remembered me and asked about my foot. I had to tell him that I was greatful for the advice about the hike. Seeing the youth ministers at camp this year was like seeing old friends --- those that you have known for years and have gone through the good times and the bad times toghter ----like your best friend from grade school.

My goal for camp was to bond with the youths from our yourh group. There were so many that I had not had the opportunity to build a relationship with. One young man had been a memeber and leader of our group for several years and he is now a senior. I have not been able to attend the mission trips that he has gone on. he was on another trip when we went to hike in Colorado. We had been missing our chance to bond. Zenith 2006 was the chance. Camp ended. We returned home. We had our weekly Bible study in the park. After the Bible study, Skyler came up to me and hugged me. "I wanted to tell you that I was sorry you did not get to counsel at camp." "I appreciate that. I did not know you knew about that." "Yeah Robey told me one night. He said you were spending the week ---chillin." Looks like those bonds are forming.

One final thought about camp that also came from Bible study. We were asked if the everything in the Bible was relevant. I responded by saying "It is when you need to hear it." Due to the freedom I had because of my camp duties, I could have attended any class on the schedule. I had decided to attend Robey's class on the morning that our interns went to his class. "crying Out" was a message I needed to hear, especially that part where the father was holding his son tight to protect him from the storm while repeatedly saying, "I love you. I am here for you, I will protect you." My Heavenly Father is there for me during the storm I am facing with my job. He is always saying "I love you. I am here for you. I will protect you." I am sure the other classes had messages for me, but I was compelled to hear those words at that time.

Camp was awesome. I can not wait for next year. If I had a 2007 calendar, I would already mark my days for camp. ( and I will as soon as I get one.) What will I do at camp next year? I am prayer about that and I will do the work God has in store for me.

In Him

Monday, June 26, 2006

at long last ---- a random thought

I started my blog months ago and then got busy or more to the point, I thought I did not have anything to say. In those months, I have been reading the blogs of friends. Today, I have decided to update mine.

This past week, I went to Camp Zenith, a Christian High schoool camp at Oklahoma Christian. I spent time with a number of people whose blogs I read at least weekly. It was a great experience being with them. And what wonderful friends they are. I love each and everyone of them.

The thought that has cross my mind is reflection. As I talked with a couple of these friends, I had time to reflect on my life, (past, present and the future) but especially my walk with God. I feel I have a strong walk but there are times that I feel that it is not as strong as others. Even as this feeling was trying to settle in (which was Satan at work) God was working also. I was told by a couple of friends during the week that they admired me because I had given up a week of vacation to spend time with our youth from church. Did I really sacrifice anything? Some would say yes for our time is valuable, limited and should be spend in the search of things that we want to do. Those people would not understand that that was what I did. I spent time with the one man in my life that has uplifted my heart. I spent time in service to a wonderful group of kids. I spent time learning about my Lord and reflecting upon my life with my Lord.

Reflection of the past has helped to pave a path for the future. Reflection has ultimately helped me support a friend about a blog she wrote on sex and an emotional affair. Her comment that she did not know of a Christian who had not faced a sexual temptation made a point. I will say that I have been faced with sexual temptation. Details may be forthcoming when God and I have finished working on the situation for this is a very prayerful issue for me.

Reflection keeps coming to mind as I pray and think about where I am and where I am going and more importantly where I need to be. Reflection (at least for me) is one way I use to find my direction. The conclusion at this time, is that I can see how I have grown as a Crhistian and a servant. That may not help to solve any of my problems or struggles but it gives me the encouragement needed to move ahead. To create a path way to the goals I have set for myself.

Coming soon the camp experience.

Monday, January 30, 2006

A long day at work

Monday 1-30-07.
Mondays are so long for me at my job. I arrive at work at 9:00 am and leave somewhere between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm. This is something I dont care about because I am not able to do wrok for The Lord during this time. But I must admit that I spend alot of time in prayer. There are times that thats is what gets me through the day.

Today, a friend of mine emailed me with a blog address for another friend. So I am trying this for the first time. So this blog will be short. But I promise they will getting longer as I figure things out.

I will return on another day. Until then I pray for all who read this.

In Him and With Him